Cim's Structure

CHINA INDUSTRY & MARINE HARDWARE CO., LTD., (CIM), a privately owned company wasfounded in 1986 by its German owner Mr. Hans Boie, who has been a resident of Qingdao since 1980.Before Mr. Boie came to China, he was 17 years a sailor on cargo ocean vessels, starting as sailor, then officer and captain. The last 2 sailor years he was captain of a German millionaire’s yacht with 360qm sail and 2 masts. Because of this history and experience in seamanship and industrial rigging, Mr. Boie set up CIM (China Industry & Marine Hardware Co., Ltd.) in Qingdao/China. As the owner and Managing-Director with his German background, he strictly follows the CE-Standard for all products produced in his own factory QBM (Qingdao Boie Metal Products Co., Ltd.), which is located in suburb of Qingdao - Chengyang.

CIM's structure

-CIM is registered with the registration No.HRA 4875 in Norderstedt/Germany as CHINA INDUSTRY & MARINE HARDWARE GmbH, and is the base acc. Chinese law for the establishments in China.

-CIM has 2 settlements with administrations- and sales-offices, also 1 factory, as follows:

-CIM-CHINA INDUSTRY & MARINE HARDWARE Co., Ltd. in Qingdao/Shandong Province.

-CIM-CHINA INDUSTRY & MARINE HARDWARE Co., Ltd. in Ningbo/Zhejiang Province.

-QBM-QINGDAO BOIE METAL PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. in Chengyang Qingdao

QBM is ISO 9001 approved

CIM has issued a product-liability-insurance, which covers amount of 2 million USD.

After 30 YEARS production-and trade-experience in China, CIM has become a global player, with excellent ratings in fair-and professional-business-handling, high quality standard and professional easy communication, with high educated and multilingual sales-staff.

Our experienced engineers always study the high-end-quality, which get guaranteed by advanced CNC- and Laser-technology. A handheld Omega X-Ray-Fluorescence-Spectrometer will guarantee exact chemical content for metals like AISI 316 / 304 etc. A breaking load machine, which can prove up to 80 tons, will  reports for customers’ evidence. For testing our well-known AISI 316 rigging screw-range and eye-and jaw-swage-terminals, we are unique by using an imported portable roller swager from Wireteknik/Sweden, for routine test of the strength.

from Wireteknik/Sweden, for routine test of the strength.

Continuously routine training of ISO requirements, belong to our daily job.

CIM's philosophy

CIM team, with more than 30 years experience, has the strong will to improve product quality day by day, to strive to be the best.

CIM is guided by optimistic attitude: fun on work and competence. We have the right technology,

the drive, the people and desire to keep customers’ sky cloud free.

We all feel full of responsibility, to create a friendly confident atmosphere, and follow customers’ requirement.